At East Cooper Christian Preschool, we value early childhood education and recognize that building a sound foundation will have a monumental impact on life outcomes.
Our program is child-centered and developmentally appropriate and differentiated to meet each child’s needs. We understand that each child is unique and special. We embrace the whole child and adapt to meet your child where they are.





We are little. 

We aren’t grown ups. We are little. At ECCP, we understand what it means to be small. Our chairs are small and fit perfectly at our small tables. Our cubbies are low and our backpack hooks are just the right height. Here, we can be independent, in our care and our explorations, because this school was designed to accommodate “little.”

Our day.

The day revolves around us. Of course structure and schedules are important at this age, but rigidity is not. Sometimes you just can’t switch gears because there is a more powerful lesson organically in the making and that is ok here. Five minute delays in schedules can mean the world when you are little.

Play time.

If you happen to walk around and see a lot of play time, your eyes are not deceiving you. At ECCP, play time is very serious business. Of course we work our academics into playing, but we also learn other valuable lessons. We learn to be friendly. Brave. Compassionate. Curious. Helpful. Inclusive. Relaxed. Passionate. But most of all, KIND. It is through our imaginations that we learn to be our very best version of ourselves. Our teachers see how amazing we can be, teach us how amazing we are and we learn to believe this to be true.

Messy is a must.

Because we are little, we are constantly moving. Some may be sitting nicely, some may be sprawled out on the floor, some may be quiet and some may be extra loud. There is painting at the table, chalk drawing in one corner, imaginative play and S.T.E.M. building in another. Here it’s often messy and sometimes that can make our grown-ups a little uncomfortable, but embrace our chaos. Invest in some paint clothes and wait until you see all of our hard work come home and hear our excited voices telling you all about our messy day!

Always thinking.

We have class jobs and are encouraged to be independent. We are given that extra time to figure it out even if it takes a few more attempts and our frustration is noticeable. We are given a patient smile and reassurance that we are capable. In our own time, we will navigate these trial and errors in a positive environment that will teach us to believe in ourselves and never stop our little minds from growing and creating.

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