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Beginning school is such an exciting time for you and your child. I am delighted that you are considering East Cooper Christian Preschool as a starting point for your child’s journey through his/her academic experience. 

Eleven years ago, myself and thirteen of my closest friends/co-workers were so blessed to be able to come together to create our little slice of heaven - called East Cooper Christian Preschool. Here we value the traditional academic core just as much as social learning. We believe in encouraging the children to use good manners, to be kind, to be respectful of one another, to be creative, to learn how to socialize with others and to be interested in learning. The children are also given the opportunity to participate in weekly enrichment classes, which include music, art, Spanish, yoga, science and more. 

I am excited to be given the opportunity to meet you and your child. And we are honored to be considered to walk with you during your child’s path to becoming a life-long learner.


Jessica Nuttall

Our Philosophy

East Cooper Christian Preschool provides a warm environment with Christian values and a comprehensive curriculum that nurtures self-esteem, emotional security and independence to prepare each child for continuing through the educational process.

Our History

East Cooper Christian was founded eleven years ago. We are housed within Saint Peter's church and work closely with the Children's Ministry to assist in the teaching of Christian values and morals to our students. 

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